The easiest way to transfer software from one pc to another

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Transfer software from one pc to another

Some programs take up a large amount of hard disk space on the computer, and even gradually swell over time with use and updates, whether they are media editing programs, Internet browsers, communication programs, whatever. Depending on the storage capacity of the hard disk, the space can run out quickly, especially if you are using an SSD storage unit in your device, as it comes in small sizes compared to HDD hard disks. In any case, it is possible to transfer a program to another place without causing any problems in running the program, whether you want to transfer the program from one partition to another on the same hard drive or to another hard drive connected to the computer, the method is successful and effective.

Transfer software from one pc to another

To move a program from one place to another is not as simple as copying the folder containing the program's operating files and Pasting it into the second place; If you do, the program will not work, or it may work but with many problems. Also, it would not make sense to reinstall the program from scratch just because you wanted to change its location, so the easiest solution is to move the program folder to another place, but in a way that makes Windows believe that the program folder is still in its original place, and therefore the program and its shortcuts continue to work without any problems.

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This solution relies on a feature in Windows called the Symbolic link, which allows linking a folder located anywhere on the computer to another folder without the need to transfer its contents. For example, if we assume that we want to move a program from Partition C to Partition D, then using the Symbolic link feature, the contents of the entire program folder will be moved to Partition D while keeping a shortcut from it in Partition C as a reference.


While it is possible to create Symbolic link shortcuts manually in Windows but to make things easier, we will rely in this explanation on FolderMove, which is a free and portable program (it does not require installation) that can be used to transfer any program or game from one place to another based on Symbolic link shortcuts as it transfers The content of the program or game folder to the new location to save space on the hard drive, but everything will work as it was without any change except for the location where the operating files are saved. Using the program is very simple and easy, just download it first from the official website and run it to open a window with two boxes: Move From and Move To.


At first, click on the Browse button in the Move From field, and then from the window that appears, select the program folder that you want to move to another location. This folder can often be found in the Program Files folder or Program Files (x86) inside the Windows partition (C:). When you find it, select and click OK. Then click Browse in the Move To box and select the folder where you want to move the program, and it is preferable to create a new folder Exactly with the name "Programs", for example, inside the new interface to save the program in it so that the operating files do not mix with your other files.

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When finished, press the Move and set Symbolic link button to move the program folder to another location and create a Symbolic link shortcut. As we mentioned, this shortcut will simply make Windows think that the program folder is still in its original location, on Partition C for example, even after moving it to the other location. It usually takes some time to ensure that all program files have been transferred to the new folder successfully, and when the process is finished, a Done message will appear.

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Once the transfer is complete, the space occupied by the program on the C partition or depending on the program's original location will be freed up and a shortcut will be created in the place where the folder is located, which, when double-clicked, opens the folder in the other location. That is, you will find a shortcut to the folder on Partition C, but the contents of the folder itself are on Partition D, so the program will work normally without any difference. If you want to undo the command and return the program to its original location, just delete the shortcut created on Partition C and use FolderMove again to copy the program folder to Partition C as well.

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