IronKey vault privacy 80 external SSD review - speed test

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IronKey vault privacy 80 external SSD review

We have one of the new and innovative external storage units from Kingston company that is geared towards privacy enthusiasts. If you have data or files and want to be sure that no one can access them, the IronKey Vault Privacy 80 storage unit is specially made for you as Kingston has encrypted through the hardware this External SSD comes with a Touch Screen so that data and files on the hard drive can only be accessed by typing the password, which is set by you and with full encryption, and therefore your essential files will be completely safe. Fortunately, Kingston Company specializes in the Computer Skills storage unit so we can try it.

SSD external design and capabilities

It comes with the IronKey Vault Privacy 80 case in a distinctive shape and design with a place on the front to put the cable, and the design of the case is beautiful and appropriate to the design of the IronKey. Arabic is available, then it will ask you for the password for the first time and then it will be read on the computer and you can then add files and deal directly on the SSD.

Note that each time you turn on the unit, the boot process will take approximately 15 seconds, during which you have to type the password, in addition to that the unit performs a self-test to fix any errors, and the SSD asks you if you want to start it in reading mode Only Read Only or Read / Write and all of these things are definitely to protect and encrypt data to the maximum extent possible.

SSD external hard drive deals

IronKey Vault Privacy 80 works on any operating system directly and without installing any additional software, as it works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux. It comes with a USB 3.2 Gen 1 C port with two cables, which are the cable for connecting the storage unit to a computer through the Type-A port or the Type-C port. We will test the connection of the external SSD through the Type-A port and the Type-C port, and we will know the speed of reading and writing Through the two ports, do not expect great speed, as the storage unit is not geared to speed, but rather to protect, and as I mentioned, it is for specific purposes, and I will recommend it to those who own sensitive files and want to protect them.

Note that if the password is entered incorrectly more than once, maybe 15 times in a row, the SSD will be reset and thus all data will be deleted on it, and you must enter a new password, so you must keep the password well, as losing it means losing data, As I told you, this storage unit is highly encrypted and secure, and if you do not remember the password, you will not be able to access your files in any way. How to extend the life of SSD storage.

SSD external hard drive

One of the other things is that the writing pad on the unit changes the places of numbers and letters every time, if there is someone next to you, do not worry because he will not be able to remember the places of your pressure on the screen because the places of letters and numbers will change next time, didn't I already tell you that they have secured this outdoor unit well?

IronKey also contains settings to do what you want, you can control the brightness of the screen and also the allowed operating time, after which it is required to re-enter the password, as well as the complexity of the password in terms of numbers only or numbers and letters and the length of the password, and there is the possibility to add more From a password and other settings to get the maximum degree of security.

IronKey storage read and write speed test

Certainly, this unit is intended to provide the maximum degree of protection and therefore I do not expect much in terms of reading and writing speed, but I will test it to see its rate, but since the USB C port is not widely available in computers, and therefore I will test the unit on the Type-C port and Type-A is used to find out the speed by connecting through the two ports, and I will rely on Crystal Disk Mark for testing as usual.

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When the storage unit is connected to the Type-A port, the reading speed reached 42 megabytes per second, and the writing speed reached 29 megabytes per second. Certainly, these numbers are not very large, but they are normal for the normal USB port, and it does not, of course, support high speeds, and therefore it is very suitable.

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When the storage unit is connected to the Type-C port, the reading speed reached 241 megabytes per second and the writing speed to 232 megabytes per second. Although these are good numbers, they are certainly not satisfactory, but as I said earlier, this unit is intended for protection and not the speed of data transfer.

IronKey storage SSD available spaces and prices

The IronKey Vault Privacy 80 unit is available in different sizes, which are 480 GB, 960 GB, and 1920 GB, and the unit price is according to the storage space. The 480 GB space is at $287, the 960 GB space is at $351, and the 1920 GB space is at $493. For more details, you can visit the following link From the Kingston website.

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