8 advantages that BingChat has over Chatgpt

Despite GPT chat's distinctive qualities, BingChat outperforms it in other specifications.

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Advantages that BingChat has over Chatgpt

Chatbots provide answers and solutions to user problems and queries, and some have even become personal assistants in everything the user wants to do, from chatting to creating images, writing emails, and getting short answers to complex questions. The most prominent chatbots that offer these features are GBT Chat and BingChat, but the latter outperforms the former with several features, Here is a list of them.

What distinguishes BingChat from Chat GPT?

GPT and BingChat both use OpenAI's language models, which means they often produce very similar results. But BingChat outperforms Chat GPT with several features:

Integrated with web browser

BingChat is part of the web browser, and produces more personalized results, while Chat GPT runs in an isolated interface, so BingChat is a web assistant, extracting the latest information across the web and summarizing it when responding to user requests. In addition, it cites sources and creates a list of relevant links, adds images, and makes recommendations for what to search for next.

In contrast, Chat GPT does not obtain results recently published on the Internet, because it is trained on information available until 2021.

It does not require creating an account

AI-powered chatbots raise privacy concerns, as they require the user to log in, and companies can collect data about them and the content of conversations.

Unlike usual in these chatbots, the user is not required to log in to access BingChat from the beginning but is allowed five questions before logging in.

Bing Chat provides free access to GPT4

Full access to ChatGPT services requires a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus which answers user questions in different languages and helps them generate images and videos.

On the other hand, Bing Chat provides access to GPT4 for free, so that the user can request images from Bing Chat, thus benefiting from this multimedia support.

Generate images

BingChat helps generate custom images for free based on the text entered into the chat window with the DALE image generator tool. ChatGPT can create images from DALE too, but that's in the paid version.

Download images and analyze them

In addition to generating images, images can be uploaded to Bing Chat, as well as text explaining what is required of it, such as analyzing the image and getting answers related to it.

Summarize web pages and documents

Most of us need to access information on a long web page or document that has hundreds of pages, and we may not have enough time to read it. Artificial intelligence tools can summarize these texts, including the free version of Chat GPT which only summarizes the texts entered into it, but Bing Chat is superior to other AI tools in its ability to summarize web pages because it has a direct connection to the Internet, because it works directly within the Edge browser of Microsoft, Chrome, and Safari, and provides a summary of documents and pages without leaving them, and the bot continues to chat with the user about them.

Export responses as documents

The user may need to keep the chatbot's responses in a document or PDF file. If he is chatting with GPT, he will have to copy the answers from the chat window paste them into the document, and then convert them to a PDF file.

Bing Chat provides these steps to the user performs them on his behalf, and transfers the responses to a Word file directly without effort, due to its integration with Microsoft products.

Watch movies

Bing Chat has a feature that is also not found in Chat GBT called Edge Actions, a feature that helps to find a movie or TV show that the user wants to watch, and then open it in the video player application.

Specific answers

To get specific answers from Chat GPT, you must write in the text of the question all the details you need, otherwise, the answer will not be specific, but rather general. On the other hand, Bing Chat directs the user towards getting the specific output they want, by giving them ready-made options. This feature is useful if the user is unable to direct Chat GPT to customize the answer.

Now that you know the specifications that distinguish Bing Chat, and you do not find them in Chat GPT, do not hesitate to try them and benefit from them during your use of the Internet in general.

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