7 smartphone applications that replace remote controls

 Have you lost your TV remote and want to change the channel, or do you feel hot and want to turn on the air conditioner, but you can't find the remote control either? You can now substitute those remote controls and use an app on your mobile phone instead.

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Applications remote controls

Most of the electrical appliances in today's homes have a remote control, such as TVs, air conditioners, speakers, smart home devices, and more. We often suffer from the loss of these controllers, so there are mobile applications that replace the controllers. Here are some of the most important of these applications and how they work.

How do mobile apps work as replacements for remote controls?

Remote controls operate by sending regular pulses of infrared radiation corresponding to a specific binary code. Each set of pulses represents a specific command such as turning up the volume, changing the channel, and other commands controlled by the remote control.

In the same way, in alternative mobile applications for remote control work, the phone must have an IR output. Applications display a control interface that simulates the functions of a conventional remote control and sends remote signals including commands selected by the user from the application interface to the device to be controlled.

Not all applications require an infrared output, but devices can be connected via wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Best alternative mobile apps for remote control

These applications provide a free subscription, and some of them require a paid subscription to access all features:


Anymut is one of the best device remote control applications as it supports more than 900 thousand devices including televisions, air conditioners, and any other device that depends on infrared to be controlled. It is also easy to use and has extras such as playing Netflix if the TV supports it.

Sure Universal Smart TV Remote

The Sure Universal Smart TV application specializes in remote control of a variety of devices, including television, and supports the personal assistant Alexa from Amazon, in addition to sending photos and videos via Wi-Fi. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Universal TV Remote

The Universal TV Remote application, or Unimote, is specialized in controlling the TV, and it is an easy-to-use application and is compatible with most TVs, and allows controlling the volume, switching between channels, and controlling all smart TV functions. It includes advanced features like Program Guide, Smart Share, and more. Through the application, you can control a few other devices. For both iOS and Android devices, the software is accessible.

Unified Remote

The Unified Remote app controls PCs and tablets and comes with a keyboard and mouse. In addition, the free version contains more than a dozen remote controls as well as most of the features. The paid version contains 90 remote controls and other features.

Learn Remote

Learn Remote is one of the most widely used remote control applications. It controls the TV, air conditioner, speakers, DVD players, and other smart gadgets in the home. It connects to devices via Wi-Fi and infrared. It is available for Android devices.

Device manufacturer applications

Most smart TV manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Amazon, or most other smart devices, develop smartphone applications that allow controlling the TV or device via Wi-Fi, without the need for infrared control. These applications perform many functions such as changing the channel or the volume.

Basic phone applications

Most smartphones have dedicated remote control apps. For example, Xiaomi devices have a TV remote control app and many other devices.

Some of these applications may not be compatible with your mobile phone or home devices, you should try them to check, and it is recommended to use the application that gives you the most control over most of your devices.

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