Where can I download the best Windows 11 themes

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The best Windows 11 themes

Thanks to its new features and a different design from the versions that preceded it, Windows 11 is considered by many to be the best version of Microsoft ever in terms of operating systems, or at least attractiveness in terms of design. The Windows 11 version of the operating system does whatever you want it to, starting with themes and the taskbar. 

Today we will focus on the part of the theme and review with you the top 5 sites. Please download Windows 11 themes that give your devices a refreshing aesthetic touch. All the websites we are going to review on the internet trade websites and wallpapers are in categories; Whether you are looking for a new collection of images or even a completely new “theme”, you will find what you need on these sites.

Microsoft Store

windows 11 themes

We cannot talk about download sites for Windows 11 themes, and we do not mention the original source from Microsoft itself. Our first nomination goes to the Microsoft Store, which is full of apps, themes, and everything you'll need. Focusing on our topic, we will find that the store contains more than 300 high-quality themes, and some of these themes even come in 4K quality. To download themes, open the store from the Start menu or by pressing the Win + S keys together, then write "store" and click on Open from the search results.

After opening the store, type "Themes" in the search bar at the top, then from the results, press the "Get your theme" button, or click here to go to the themes page directly. You will find in front of you a variety of free themes. Choose what you like and press Get, and you will see the theme you chose is present with the rest of the themes on your device. It is located in the Settings app's "Personalization" section.

By the way, there is another site from Microsoft that offers fewer themes, and this site is the official Microsoft support page. After opening the page, click on the category you want (whether art, games, animals, or others) and you will find a group of themes to choose from.

Alienware themes for Windows 11

Note: If you do not know how to apply the theme to your device after downloading it, go to an empty place on the desktop, click the right mouse button, and then choose Personalize, A window will appear in front of you with the word Themes, click on it and choose the theme that suits you.

DeviantArt website

windows 11 themes free download

If you are looking for originality and uniqueness, then DeviantArt is the right place for you. This site has a very strong community of artists or art aficionados, numbering more than 35 million users, and each of them brings out their own amazing artistic designs. Although this site is not specialized in themes and contains artboards in different categories (such as anime, gaming, and others), its Windows 11 themes made us put it on today's list. If you are interested, enter the DeviantArt website and type in the search box Windows 11 themes and you will get impressive results. All you have to do to download the theme that you choose for free is to create an account on this site and only that.

ExpoThemes website

windows 11 theme for Windows 11

Since 2012, ExpoThemes has been helping everyone who wants to customize their version of Windows. This site includes very modern themes and wallpapers, most of which are from movies and video games, and from time to time the site develops itself and adds things that will impress you with 4K quality, especially if you are a fan of games and movies — take a look at what ExpoThemes has to offer. Type in the search bar above exactly what you want to find and download any wallpaper or theme that catches your eye with one click, but you have to create an account first like DeviantArt.

108 Themes website

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With more than 1,600 themes, 108 Themes offers you a variety and elegant collection of shapes and versions of high quality, including 4K quality. When you visit the site, you will find on the left more than 15 categories, including art, games, movies, nature, travel, etc., and each category has more than one theme that will inevitably attract your attention.

You may be surprised when you use this site because you will find the phrase “Themes for Windows 10” and you think that these themes are for Windows 10 only, but do not worry, because although many of the themes that you will see are actually for Windows 10, there are quite a few Some of them work on Windows 11. It is worth noting that you will not need to create an account like the previous two sites to download themes, just choose what you like and download it with one click.


windows 7 theme for windows 11

Although the name of the site tells you explicitly that it is directed to download Windows 10 themes, in fact, it contains many different themes for Windows 11, and even in 4K quality. The Windows 11 themes on Themes10 are represented by impressive images for many categories as well, including nature, cars, anime, games, movies, and so on. 

The site is very simple and straightforward. After you visit it, select the category or theme you want and click on it. At the bottom of the chosen theme page, you will find a direct download link, and the task will be completed with the click of a button.

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