The best portable gaming device - ROG Ally

The best portable gaming device - ROG Ally

The best portable gaming device 

ASUS, through its well-known brand ROG (Republic of Gamers), announced the ROG Ally platform, a portable gaming device - similar to the "Nintendo Switch" or "Steam Deck" from Valve - with very powerful specifications that guarantee an exceptional gaming experience for gamers, regardless of No matter when and where, the Windows 11 operating system and the advanced AMD Ryzen Z1 processor give Ally the ability to smoothly run AAA games and
indie titles. It also comes with a bright touchscreen with a high refresh rate so that gamers see their content clearly even when Outdoor gaming. The Ally is easy to hold and handle all day long, thanks to its lightweight 608g design and comfortable hand grips.ROG Ally packs in a ton of details that we'll share with you below.

The ROG Ally was announced on April 1, Today it gives us a first look at some additional details about it, including more specifications and an official launch date.

For starters, the ROG Ally is as comfortable and lightweight as a portable gaming rig. ROG engineers painstakingly refined and refined the shape and weight of the Ally ROG until they were satisfied with their design of a machine perfect for carrying and playing all day. Weighing in at just 608g, the Ally will never be a burden in a player's backpack or hands, allowing for plenty of comfortable, uninterrupted gameplay. The Ally platform, like no other, continues to use hand grips, with a unique triangular texture on the back that gives players a firm grip on the device from any angle. The grip's palm side is decorated with ROG design lines, which also work to prevent any unintentional slipping.

The best portable gaming device - ROG Ally

Incredible performance powered by AMD

Featuring an all-new purpose-built APU — an AMD Ryzen Z1-series processor with RDNA 3 graphics — the new ROG Ally gaming laptop is primed to deliver unprecedented levels of mobile gaming performance from light gaming to graphically demanding AAA games Graphically intense, nothing beats ROG Ally! The unique ROG Zero Gravity thermal system, which employs a dual-fan cooling system with ultra-thin heatsink fins and high-friction heat pipes to ensure your rig stays cold almost constantly, is what also enables all of this.

Leading gaming performance requires a powerful display to match, and Ally doesn't disappoint with a 120Hz FHD (1080p) display with FreeSync Premium support so gamers will enjoy the smooth, crystal-clear motion in fast-paced games, without tearing or stuttering at low frame rates. The screen also has a maximum brightness of 500 nits, allowing gamers to continue playing outdoors in the sun with comfort. This touch screen also enables seamless navigation within the Windows system environment when players need to change settings or install a new game, as the system responds to every touch as precisely as if you were using a mouse.

All Windows 11 games will run on ROG Ally

ROG Ally is based on the latest version of Windows, Windows 11, which means gamers can access all the popular games designed for Windows in general, as well as access to game streaming platforms, all from one device. Simply put, the ROG Ally can be seen as a Nintendo Switch on the surface but a miniature Windows laptop on the inside! You can easily navigate the Windows desktop and get a smooth response to commands, either through the Ally control buttons on both sides or through the touch screen.

The best portable gaming device - ROG Ally

In addition, ASUS offers powerful software support in the form of a ROG Ally version of the Armory Crate controller app where users can customize cooling, switch between fast performance mode and game launcher, activate an in-game performance monitor, Aura Sync support, and more. As soon as Ally is out, ROG is also giving customers a 90-day trial of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game streaming service, which gives them immediate access to hundreds of excellent games from well-known independent developers and Xbox Game developers.

See the ROG Ally launch event to learn more

The ROG Ally arrived with some reviewers already today and has been described as "the most powerful gaming laptop yet." However, there is no information on battery life or cooling performance, and it seems that ASUS wants to keep all the details under wraps until the official launch date. So, we're still missing some key details - notably the price and availability date. In any case, the official launch event for ROG Ally will be held on May 11th. You can follow the event to learn more about full specifications and pricing as the conference begins at 10.00 AM ET (14.00 GMT) led by ASUS ROG Director of Product Management to talk about the story of ROG Ally's design and its impact on the gaming industry.

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