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How is dynamic animation designed

How is the dynamic animation designed? 

What is motion graphics?

In short, motion graphics is a new term used to define a specific type of animation that combines both dynamic animation and graphic design to present and simplify information to the viewer by using text and animation, in addition to adding sound to narrate what you express About texts and graphics to convey ideas to viewers easily and effectively.

Motion graphics are created through many electronic media such as thaumatrope, the phenakistoscope, stroboscope, zoetrope, and other media. There is no specific time or official founder for the beginning of the emergence of motion graphics as it was noted that in the early nineteenth century some presentations were issued that can be classified as Its history in the development of computer graphics, the more computer graphics evolved, the motion graphics developed with it and the fields of its uses expanded.

Examples of uses of motion graphics

Product Marketing

Motion graphics help explain the main ideas about the product to be marketed by mixing real clips of the product and motion graphics clips to tell a story about the product and how it is used. Some products may be complex and need to explain the method of use, all to attract the viewer to acquire the product.

Create logos and brands

Motion graphics can help a company’s brand to be one of the best brands by adding some joy to the brand’s design, which will be reflected positively when viewing it.

Film and TV shows titles

This usage marked the beginning of Motion Graphics and designer Saul Bass is the most famous designer who has created movie titles for many blockbuster films.

Presentations and infographics

Motion graphics allow you to add animation to text and images used in presentations, which helps make your presentation more engaging, and graphics and graphical elements can be animated to emphasize important information, which helps readers follow the information that should be read first.

TV broadcasting

Live graphics presented in a news station or sporting event are examples of motion graphics being used, such as the bottom line at the bottom of TV stations or the tape that appears during news events to display the names of the people who are speaking.

GIF design

GIFs don't have to be motion graphics but they can be as they can be used in a variety of ways including social media dynamic animation design (they are most popular now). 

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