Steps to create a professional design - Canva

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Create a professional design - Canva

Professional designs are one of the most essential elements of attraction whether it is for online stores, various websites, or even brands in whatever business they also play a leading role, effective and extremely important in building the identity of any of the brands.

Today I will talk about a very wonderful program, Canva, which specializes in designing images and posters. If you need an Instagram or Facebook post, photo editor, photo collage, wedding invitations, or collage...

Today I'm going to talk about the features of Canva, as well as the steps for creating a professional design.

What is Canva list down its features and uses?

  • The program contains a set of professional tools in image design.
  • The program makes creating designs very simple.
  • You can simply rotate or zoom images or text.
  • The program contains a set of filters to control brightness, contrast, and transparency.
  • You can write on images with different fonts, colors, and sizes while adjusting the font size, color, and position.
  • The program contains a library of over 3 million images and designs.

Steps to create a professional design on Canva

  • First, you need to go to the tool's website.
  • After entering the site, you will need to log in to create a Canva account.
    In this step, the program allows you to choose between logging in with Facebook or your Gmail account.
  • In the next step, the program will ask you to specify the nature or purpose of using the program, which contains designs for different types of professionalism, which you can select based on the kind of work you do.

    It should be noted at this point that we are referring to the program that provides fixed dimensions for all designs for general classifications, for example, but not limited to, if you want to create a plan for posting to Facebook as a regular publication, you will automatically find the design dimensions installed by the program. And if you want to put certain dimensions of your design, the program offers this feature to all its users without any problem.
  • Once you click on the “create a design” button, you will be presented with a long list of options depending on the purpose of the design and where you want to use this design.
  • Once you have selected or chosen the appropriate classification from all the options that have appeared to you, you will be taken directly to the design page, where you can control all the design elements you want to create with Canva.
  • Inside this page, you will also notice that there are many options on the left side of the page that help you achieve the appropriate professional webdesign that meets your desires. Each of these options has a function that it performs and helps effectively in the form of the final design, and these options are: (Templates - Images - Graphics - Text - Video - Background - Downloads - Files).

During this article, we have tried to provide an in-depth and detailed explanation of the free program or tool Canva, and how to use this tool to create professional website designers that help you effectively improve the appearance of your business, whatever its size. nature or its type.

Throughout this article, we have pointed out that Canva is essentially a free program that provides more free customization options that help you effectively create a professional design for your product, website, brand logo, and design. other marketing objectives.

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