How to maintain and protect the hinges of the laptop from being broken

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Protect the hinges of the laptop from being broken

Taking care of the various parts of laptops, protecting them from damage, and using them correctly is one of the critical factors in extending the life of the device in general, and it should not only be limited to the electronic parts in the laptop, there are also non-electronic parts that may be fixed or movable, but they During use, it is exposed to mechanical and thermal stresses that make it susceptible to damage over time, such as the laptop screen back cover, and the hinges that connect the screen to the laptop body. While it is possible to replace broken laptop hinges with new ones, finding the hinges that fit the model of the item can be time-consuming and expensive, and it is a rather complicated task. So, sometimes, breaking the laptop's hinges means starting the journey of searching for a new device to buy.

Therefore, in this article, we will specifically address the best practices that are recommended to preserve and protect the hinges of the laptop from being broken.

What are laptop hinges?

The hinges in the laptop are the part that connects the screen to the bottom part in which the keyboard rests in the device. Still, their function also extends to protecting the cables that connect the screen to the motherboard as well as the webcam and Wi-Fi antennas. They are rotatable to allow the screen cover to be folded over the panel keys when closing the device, or lifting the lid when you want to open and operate it. Most 4k laptops come with a pair of hinges on either side of the bottom edge of the screen so that each hinge holds 50% of the weight of the device, but in other devices, the hinges are a single part in the middle of the bottom bezel of the screen.

Reasons why laptop hinges are damaged

The most common causes of laptop hinges breaking or hitting a hard object forcefully during carrying, movement, opening, and use, along with design flaws and the natural wear of the hinges with use over time, is that many inexpensive laptops are made of inferior materials that do not With high mechanical durability to reduce cost, hinges usually break after only one or two years of use. Some users sometimes forget pens or solid objects on the laptop keyboard frame and then fold the screen to turn off the device when they are in a hurry, and this act is also one of the common reasons for laptop hinges to break.

The effect of broken laptop hinges on the safety of other parts

Broken laptop hinges may sometimes cause damage to various parts of the device, such as the screen cable, which becomes exposed as a result of broken hinges and is subject to damage as well, which in turn may cause damage to the screen and its display of outputs in a distorted way, such as displaying the image with black lines, missing parts or colors If the problem is not treated immediately. The issue of broken laptop hinges can be noticed as soon as it occurs simply when you find that you are no longer able to keep the laptop screen open and that it has become loose.

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Tips to avoid breaking laptop hinges

Correct practices while using the laptop help avoid damage to some parts and extend the life of the device. The hinges of the laptop can be preserved and protected from breakage for as long as possible by following the following tips:

  • Avoid buying laptops that are made of inferior materials, despite their low price, but they will cost you more money to repair frequent faults before you have to abandon them in the end because of their short life and buy new ones.
  • If your device is already made of low-cost materials and does not have high mechanical strength, try not to risk moving it and carry it with you wherever you go as much as possible, preferably keeping it flat on a flat surface such as a desk or table where you place it during use and do not try to move it too much.
  • Avoid using excessive force to lift the screen portion to open the laptop, and avoid carrying or moving the device open from the screen portion rather than closing it and carrying or moving it from the bottom base.
  • Completely avoid opening or closing the laptop by raising the screen from the right or left corner, as this may help to break the hinges of the laptop, but always make sure to open and close the laptop from the middle of the top edge of the screen completely, or from both angles together while holding the screen with both hands, This helps distribute the stress evenly on both joints and does not break either of them.
  • Always be careful when locking the device and make sure that you do not forget something jammed between the laptop body and the screen when trying to fold it to lock the device, as pressure on the body jammed between the two parts will break the laptop's hinges.
  • Make sure to carry the device properly while moving. Fold the screen first correctly as mentioned earlier, then put the laptop into a suitable bag and move it wherever you want, but avoid hitting the bag with something hard or falling on the ground.
  • Completely avoid carrying and moving the laptop when the screen is raised or half raised, as this creates a dynamic load on the hinges, which weakens them and may eventually break them.

How to fix the problem of broken laptop hinges

Treating the problem of broken laptop hinges as soon as it occurs is useful in protecting other parts of the laptop from damage, and extending the life of the device at a low cost instead of having to buy a new laptop. The only way to solve the problem of broken laptop hinges is to replace them with new ones.

This process is not very complicated, but it needs to be very careful, as installing new hinges always requires opening the screen cover and opening the inside of the laptop. The method of opening this part varies, of course, depending on the design of each device, so you will need to read the user manual that comes with the device before changing the hinges, or use a specialized technician to take on this task.

If you followed the instructions in the user manual and succeeded in opening the interior of the laptop, the next steps required to replace the damaged hinges with new ones are as follows:

  • Remove the battery and power cable from the laptop, then remove the hard disk and memory modules as well.
  • Loosen and remove all screws on the bottom and side edges of the types of computer memories, but be sure to keep an outline or any markings so you can put the screws back in their correct places afterward.
  • Remove the keyboard that you just unscrewed after removing its plug from the motherboard. The keyboard does not have any screws on some devices so we removed all the screws in the previous step as a precaution.
  • Use a flat screwdriver to loosen and gently remove the keyboard bezel, which is located along the top edge of the keyboard.
  • Remove hinge covers, if present.
  • Remove the cables that connect the LCD screen to the motherboard.
  • Then remove the set of screws that secure the monitor to the computer base, and then gently pull the display away from the function CPU computer base.
  • Remove all screws holding the two halves of the display connectors together.
  • Carefully and gently separate the front bezel of the screen from the LCD screen and avoid pressing too hard, as it may break either of them.
  • Disconnect the video cable from the screen and then remove the LCD screen from the cover.
  • Remove the screws that secure the hinges to the display.
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Finally, install the new hinges in place of the damaged hinges you removed, then properly re-tighten the screws you removed in the previous step. Finally, reverse all the previous steps to return each part to its place and assemble the device again.

The previous process becomes more complicated if there is a break in the frame of the LCD screen or a hole in the cover surrounding it. In this case, it may seem at first glance as if the laptop hinges are broken, but a laptop with best hinges by examining the device, it will become clear that the gaps in which the screws that fix the screen frame are deformed, but there is no need to worry, you can still replace the screen cover with a new one to solve this problem.

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