What is the function of the CPU inside a computer?

What is the CPU (Central Processing Unit)

What is the CPU (Central Processing Unit)

If you use a computer or even a mobile phone, you may have heard about the CPU before, and perhaps then you wondered what this term means specifically, you probably already know that it is the central processing unit and the main component of any computer, but you are not clearly exposed to how it works or its role Between computer components to.

Let go of all the questions that may not revolve in your mind permanently, and let's talk about something that you definitely went through when you wanted to update your desktop computer or buy a laptop or even a mobile phone when you found that the CPU is the main elements that must be Take into account it while determining the right phone or computer for you based on it.

intel core i5 dual-core

In this article, we explain to you in a simple way how the central processing unit (CPU) works, what its function inside the computer, and everything you need to know about central processors in general.

intel Celeron dual-core

What is the CPU?

The CPU is an abbreviation for the word "Central Processing Unit", it is the main component of what is known as a computer.

But it is not the only component, it represents the mind of the computer, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile, and it is found in several home devices, especially those that deal with the Internet of things such as the Smart TV.

The CPU is a chip placed in a socket on the main circuit board (MotherBoard) inside the computer. The CPU is completely separate from the random access memory or RAM where the information is stored temporarily.

It is also separate from the graphics card or graphics chip (GPU), whose job is to process and play all of the video and 3D graphics (such as those in games) displayed on your screen.

intel e5300

How is a CPU built?

CPUs are built by placing billions of unseen transistors onto a single computer chip, also called an integrated circuit. intel xéon

These transistors allow you to perform the calculations required to run programs stored in your system memory, as they are tiny gates that turn on or off.
AMD epic
Stop or start is determined based on two numbers, one and zero, in the event that the sent value is one, this means operation, but if the value is zero, then this means stop.

If you find it difficult to understand the previous sentence, do not worry, because we will explain it in the next paragraph, and understanding it fully is something that people who will specialize in IT or IT need.
As a regular user, you only need to know the ones and zeros that are converted into everything you do with the device, whether it's watching videos or writing an email, and the one doing this conversion is the CPU in your device.

CPU intel
One of the most common developments in CPU fabrication technology is making those transistors smaller and smaller, thus increasing their count which has improved CPU speed over decades, often referred to as Moore's Law.

intel Xeon dual-core

What is the function of the CPU?

Simply, the CPU receives instructions from a program or application and performs an arithmetic process, and this process is divided into three main stages:

  • Fetch

  • Decoding

  • Implementation

The CPU fetches the instructions from the RAM, decodes the instructions, and then executes these instructions using the other parts of the CPU.

Executed instructions can include simple math operations, or compare specific numbers together. Because everything in a computer is represented by numbers, these simple tasks are equivalent to what a CPU does.

These processes are what make everything from starting up a basic computer operating system like Windows to watching a YouTube video.

In modern systems, the CPU does not do everything, but it still has to supply the other parts of the computer (and for other tasks) with the numbers it needs to function.

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The lesson continued ==> Categories of processors in order and learn about its information on your device / CPU manufacturers 

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