How to protect yourself against viruses

How to protect yourself against viruses

How to protect yourself against viruses

What is a computer virus?

The virus attaches itself to a program or file and spreads from device to device, for example by spreading disease. Each device inserted by the virus leaves the enemy behind. The risk of viruses varies from type to type.

Usually, most viruses come in the form of an executable file. These files, once installed on your computer, will not work until you try to run them.

To protect yourself against viruses, you need an antivirus program that works as an antibiotic for humans.

The Worm virus:

The malicious part of the worm lies in its ability to copy itself to your device in several forms: one unit will send thousands of copies to other devices, causing major problems and requiring the use of the connection methods of the device. worm to complete this process. Call automatically without your request You know you may have a worm.

The effects of the worm are usually an increase in the source usage of the device, which is suspended in the device due to a lack of available RAM memory and which also causes the worm to stop the work of the servers. For example, you can imagine the following:

If you have a worm, it copies itself and then sends itself to everyone on the mailing list. If someone opens this message, it will be forwarded to everyone who has it on their mailing list, resulting in very wide circulation.

The best example of a worm is what happened last year, the plaster worm that entered your device to allow certain people to control your device remotely.

The Trojan virus:

The trojan is totally different from a virus and worm. (A trojan is designed to be more annoying than harmful than a virus).

When you visit a suspicious site, you are sometimes asked to download a specific program. The visitor may be fooled into thinking that it is a program and that it is promoting.

Sometimes Trojan scans certain icons on your desktop. Clear some system files. Erase some of your important data. Modification of the Internet Explorer home page. Your inability to surf the Internet. The trojan is also known to put a "back door" on your computer, allowing your private data to be transferred to the other party without your knowledge.

It is dangerous Note that the Trojan does not reproduce like a worm and does not attach itself to a program such as a virus does not spread as human intervention either.

How to protect yourself from viruses:

To protect yourself against viruses, especially if you are familiar with sharing floppy disks or files on the Internet, follow these steps:

  • You must have anti-virus software on your computer.
  • You must update it periodically, otherwise, its existence is not used.
  • Do not open attachments in emails for which you do not know the sender.
  • Don't open attachments in your friends' emails if you find them ending in EXE, bat, or some extension you don't know.
  • Don't accept files from someone you never know.
  • If you accept a file from someone you know and also verify it with your protection program, your friend may be a victim.
  • Be sure to scan any programs you download from the Internet or run them from a floppy disk or CD. Before turning it on.

Do not access hackers, especially if you cannot take precautions, some of them copy the virus with temporary files. To avoid such situations, you can activate the browsing option in the security program that offers such a service.

IT and Internet ethics

Many developed countries have adopted laws to protect the privacy of individuals and must abide by many ethical rules.

  1. Avoid offending others (spying, sending viruses, distributing unethical files to others).
  2. Sincerity in work and non-alignment in ideas.
  3. Respect for the property of others and intellectual property rights.
  4. Respect the ideas and beliefs of others.
  5. Confidentiality commitment, commitments, agreement

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