Recover your Gmail account | clean your mailbox with one click


Ways to Recover a Gmail account after forgetting the password and clean your mailbox with one click

Recover your Gmail account

You can no longer log in to your Google account because you no longer remember the password?

We offer you three methods through which you can restore the account, some of which you may not know or have not tried before.

When you forget your password, remember that Google gives you the opportunity to log in to the account again if you can remember any of the passwords that you have used in the past. Forgot all passwords and not remember any of them?

There are other ways to recover the password.

3 ways to recover a Google Gmail account

Try these methods that may help you in getting your lost account back on:

1. Browser passwords

I don’t know if you have the password-saving feature enabled on the browser you are using. I hope you did. However, you can learn this by:

  • Log in to your internet browser settings.
  • Open browser settings.
  • Open the password saver.
  • Use the search box to find the account.

If present, simply clicks on the eye to reveal your account password, then copy it to use to open the account.

2. Use the phone number

The second method is to retrieve the account by phone number. The phone number is added to Google accounts when it is created or after creation from the security settings.

If you choose the phone number, a text message or a call will be sent to your phone number to give you a code. This code is what will allow you to enter a new password or password. Then the account can be accessed without problems.

3. Backup email

The third solution is to use a backup email. As with the phone number, a backup email is added from the beginning when opening the account or later from the security settings.

With the same phone retrieval methods as well, a code is sent to an email and used to obtain a new password or password.

other ways

There are other, more complicated methods, such as the security question, but it requires a lot of information and takes days or sometimes weeks to retrieve the Google account.

However, do everything in your power, and if not, create a new account. The first thing to do is to protect the account by using a phone number or other email to facilitate its retrieval in case you lose the password again.

Clean your mailbox with one click

Is your mailbox full of spam and unnecessary newsletters?

Get rid of it quickly to gain effort and efficiency:

To get rid of it, you should also unsubscribe from these sites so as not to receive messages from her and clean the inbox at the same time, you are helping to secure your personal data in this regard, I will provide you with an application very excellent and reliable with solid services.

What is Cleanfox?

Cleanfox is a free and very useful program that is very useful for purifying your email by connecting to the application via your own email.

It is published by Foxintelligence, which allows you to delete annoying emails and unsubscribe so that you no longer access those annoying emails, ban their owners, and helps clean up mailboxes in one go. record.

The CleanFox app will relieve us of all these issues so well that it will stop receiving spam and unsubscribing with just one slide.

To clean your mailbox:

The software performs a quick scan of all of your messages to identify old emails, spam emails, as well as newsletters that clutter your email, especially those you don't remember signing up for.

The application sorts emails according to senders and then offers to delete them and/or unsubscribe. With this tool, you clean your mailbox with just one click.

Here we explain how to use this smart app:

  • After installing it, you type it in, and some steps will appear for you to go through in order to prepare the application, and it will ask you to write your email from which you want to delete all messages in two phases
  • After that, you will be asked to turn on two-step verification as a kind of security and protection, and also at advanced steps, you will be asked to enter your email password several times, and that's only to make sure that you are the owner of the email.

Then you skip a few steps, among which is the step of activating the IMAP protocol in order to link the Gmail account to your account on the CleanFox application.

  • The last step will require you to enter your account information on the CleanFox app as you enter the data and then click on the "Start cleaning" option in order to start cleaning spam emails at once.

Inevitably an amazing and easy application

Cleanfox, your data is safe:

To secure your personal information better and faster, use two-factor authentication or sign in with the confirmed app password. , Don't worry about this app, it is very safe to protect your personal data because Foxintelligence released this program with GDPR integration, which ensures that your data is not distributed without your consent. Additionally, permissions are required before accessing your account.

User's personal data is collected only to improve their experience and security and to provide them with technical support, a more sophisticated and personalized experience, as well as updates. Your data will not be used for commercial or marketing purposes. Foxintelligence respects user privacy. All the systems used are completely transparent and secure.

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