The best web hosting companies ever

The best web hosting companies ever


The best web hosting companies ever 

Choosing to host for your site is a very important step, for who of us wants to waste time or money with hosting that is not good enough!

Your success in choosing a good web host will save you a lot of time and effort and maybe a lot of money as well.

Over the past seven years, I myself have tried many, many more web hosting companies. Also, every time I made the decision to buy Web Hosting, I used to read a lot of articles in order to get the best of it.

This enables me today to put a list of the most important and best hosting companies on the Internet for you.

If you are looking for secure web hosting, you do not have to either read this article or choose one of the hostings below.

In the event that you are at the beginning of the road and do not have a financial surplus, you should refer to the topic of the best free blog creation sites. And start building your free blog, rather than waiting until you have the money.

Top 8 reliable web hosting companies

1- SiteGround

This is considered the best hosting in my opinion for WordPress site owners. It has an amazing support team.

This hosting takes special care of your site's speed and security, and they have a great experience with this vendor as well.

With one click, you can configure WordPress on your site, and they have many great tools for every website owner seeking to develop and improve their site.


2- Bluehost

This hosting is considered one of the giants as well, and its ranking as number 5 in the list of web hosting companies is not fair at all, it deserves the first place.

But here I am gathering you the best of all. So I feel like a lagoon in Tripp web hosting companies in terms of preference.

Blue Host is one of the most famous and most important websites that provide web hosting services.

It has a good support system and includes instant chat to solve your problem in real-time in case you encounter a problem.

You can get started with them for as little as $ 3 a month.

This company hosts more than 2 million websites around the world, so it is considered a company with a high level of efficiency, trust, and guarantee.

They will give you a free domain when you request to book their hosting, in addition to that they support WordPress like other giants. Suitable for sites that have a very high level of visitors, as it offers you unlimited bandwidth to make your site ready to accommodate the largest possible number of visitors.


3- HostGator

I have my own experience with this company, it is known that Host Gator is one of the best web hosting companies ever.

You can book hosting through them starting at less than $ 3 a month, they have discounts if you pay semi-annually or annually.

They have one of the easiest and best control panels ever (Cpanel).

Of course, they support WordPress to set it on your own site as a tool to build your site, and they have a special WordPress hosting type customized for WordPress sites.


4- DreamHost

I have never used this hosting myself before, but I have put it on a giant list for a lot of reasons.

One of them is that WordPress suggests it as one of the top 3 companies (along with Bluehost and SiteGround) for hosting WordPress sites.

It also has many advantages, such as giving you a free domain when purchasing annually, and it has a strong and distinctive support system.

Also, in the event that you do not like the service during the first 3 months, you can retrieve your money, as it gives you unlimited hosting in terms of the number of visitors.


5- iPage

This company comes in second place as a site that provides a web hosting service.

You can start with them by owning your hosting, starting at $ 2 a month, as it is considered the cheapest in the world of hosting.

This company has the advantage of giving you unlimited space to store files for your site's content.

One of the companies that give you a free domain name the first time you buy a paid hosting with them.

Moreover, it supports WordPress, and it has its own tool to build your own website without the need for a designer or website developer.

And it gives you the ability to guarantee your money back, in case you make a cancellation of the hosting that you have previously purchased.

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Hosting great websites in every sense of the word, I have not tried it myself, but I have friends who have tried it and prefer it over others.

You can start with it for less than $ 4 a month, this hosting is characterized by its speed in downloading and it is famous for this feature. It has Windows hosting for ASP users.

It offers the possibility of returning the paid funds at any time you decide to terminate your account. They have a distinctive support service and allow support via instant chat and phone calls.


7- InMotion Hosting

One of the great and trusted hosting by a lot of large sites, its price is very great, and you can start with it from $ 3 a month.

Hosting that is known for its speed and ease of use, will give you a free dashboard.

Also, in all plans, you will be able to get a free domain with it.

It will also give you free of charge a lot of marketing tools, including analysis and census of visitors. In addition to some free tools to protect and secure your sites, such as protection from hackers and a free SSL certificate.

It is really more than wonderful hosting and deserves to be on our list, but also at the top.

InMotion Hosting

8- GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a name known to everyone, it is more than just hosting, it has a full package of tools and services for every website owner.

With it, you can get a domain at a very low price, and it has many marketing tools and services, which will make you completely satisfied with building your business.

It owns a special hosting for WordPress sites, the price starts from approximately 4 countries, including thousands of templates and plugins.

It has 24/7 support, and a daily backup, and with one click you can cancel the modifications to your site, and return to the version before making the changes.

Finally, it will give you a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 tools.


You can just choose from one of the eight hosting companies that we have mentioned and start building your site right away.

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