Top 9 Best Blogger templates free and paid

Best Blogger Templates Free and Paid

Best Blogger Templates

MagOne template :

One of the most popular bloggers templates in the world and has a 5-star rating on the famous Themeforest website. The template is suitable for many areas such as blogging and news.

It also contains many advantages such as:

  • Compatible in display on various devices.
  • It contains elegant and animated menus.
  • Support translation template for different languages.
  • Supports the ability to comment on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Pixel template :

One of the most famous and easiest to use Blogger templates, it contains spaces for adding ads such as Google Adsense ads,
It is also suitable for individual use or as a corporate website.

The programmers of this template provide an easy guide that explains step-by-step how to install the template, as well as how to modify it and add tools and editing to its lists and links.

SpotCommerce template :

If you are thinking about e-commerce and opening your own online store, this template is perfect for this.
Not only because it is suitable for some products, but also because it contains several basic features that are indispensable to any e-store owner, such as:

  • Support various payment methods such as Paypal - bank transfer - a payment on receipt.
  • Alerts service sends you emails whenever a customer makes a purchase order for a product.
  • Outstanding basket design and desired product list.
  • Support buying in different currencies.

This is in addition to a large number of other features such as configuration for search engines, and the ability to amend the template in terms of color and font.

VideoTube template :

Do you add videos with every post you write? Is your blog specialized in specific videos such as match scores or documentaries and news?

So this template is perfect for you because it shows video clips in an attractive and smooth manner with the title of the clip and the date it was added, the template also contains the ability to add tags to facilitate access to clips in a specific category.

YourCoupon template :

This template gives you a great idea to create a blogger blog specializing in discount vouchers and codes, which means that it is perfect if you are subscribed to the affiliate marketing program for an e-store.

The template is a simple and attractive design and offers discount codes easily for the visitor, making it the best in the field.

SeoRocket template :

A template that supports creating search results as it is clear from its name, but it is not only limited to this feature, but it is also an ideal template for adding Google Adsense ads as it features high download speed and clean and organized code.

FlatNews template :

A professional template suitable for blogs that specialize in the news field, providing you with many advantages such as controlling the transfer of news sections from one place to another in the blog, a strong control panel, and the ability to share articles via e-mail.

This is in addition to many popular features such as the freedom to change the font of articles and save them as special settings for each visitor, and also through this template, you can install specific articles in the blog interface with a maximum of three articles.

Haswell template :

A multi-purpose template ... We know that this sentence is mentioned a lot when describing the molds, but the situation here is somewhat different because this template is suitable for many purposes. You rarely find it in one template, such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Personal business sites and resumes
  • Photography
  • Companies and agency's sites

ANARTISIS template :

Although this template was released about a year and a half ago, the developers of this template are still updating it continuously (the last update was at the beginning of the current month), this template has several important advantages due to the continuity of its update: as it is based on the fourth version of the codes Bootstrap, which makes it compatible with all devices, and adds a variety of design and color advantages.

Tips on buying blogger templates

1- There is more than one site from which you can buy blogger templates from the best of these sites:

  • Themeforest
  • Etsy

Although both sites offer a variety of templates in multiple areas and at different prices, Etsy provides lower prices than Themeforest, but the latter is more specialized and you will find many great advantages.

You can categorize Blogger templates available through the two sites based on price, the number of sales, and oldest to newest.

2- If you liked a particular template, do not rush to buy it, but see the opinions of users about it, whether written or illustrated,
To ensure that it is right for you and that it does not contain bugs or problems.

3- Wait for the sale period to buy the template you want, wherein during this period you can buy the template at a lower price either through a discount coupon or through direct discounts provided by these sites on the price of the templates.

4- As for the installation of free templates ... you should check the site from which you download the template because there are several unreliable sites in this field, and you may add harmful codes directly or indirectly to these templates, which may harm your blog.


The decision to purchase a template or add a free template should be made after careful thinking because it directly affects your blog, Do not get bored with the length of the search and experiment period because haste can cause unsatisfactory results or delay the development of the blog.

So think of it as a long-term investment that should be done with caution and after studying what you need in the mold in general.

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