Wiqaytna' application to combat the spread of the Covid-19'

كيف يعمل تطبيق (Wiqaytna) لمكافحة انتشار فيروس كورونا

"Wiqaytna" application to combat the spread of Covid-19

The aim of this mobile solution is to encourage citizens to continue to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of this virus, which is to wash hands frequently with soap and water or an aqueous alcohol solution that wears the mask and the physical distance.

Our prevention program is a Moroccan application free of risk from exposure to the coronavirus "COVID-19".

It allows you to notify your user if another user who has been near their site for the past 21 days is confirmed to be positive for "COVID-19".

The application is part of the National COVID-19 Coronavirus strategy.

Wiqaytna service is provided by multidisciplinary teams from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the National Communications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) and the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and the free and voluntary contribution of Moroccan companies and startups experts in their fields.

How does the Wiqaytna app work?

Wiqaytna is based on a collaborative approach where devices that use the app record a meeting when they are close to each other. The app exchanges Bluetooth signals with the phones of other users near you.
In each meeting, a random and anonymous unique code is recorded. These exchanges remain on your phone.

This allows you to inform you later if you are physically close to an infected person.

Bluetooth data (connection time) is stored on your phone only for 21 days in circulation. After the last 21 days, the data will be deleted automatically.

If a positive user is confirmed to have "COVID-19", then unknown anonymous codes will be retrieved from people who may have been close to him so that he can notify other exposed users.

The identity of the injured person, the location of the meeting, and the time of the meeting will not be revealed in any way.

What happens if you are near someone with COVID-19?

If you are near a positive test person using the app, you will be automatically notified via a notification on your phone. The notification will then tell you how to protect yourself and those around you. This procedure should be followed in the letter.

Should I keep Bluetooth on my phone running Wiqaytna app?

Yes. In order for the app to work properly, your phone's Bluetooth must be left active all the time

What data does the application collect?

Health authorities can access your phone number. Bluetooth meeting data remains on your phone unless it is a positive test for "COVID-19", in which case you will be prompted to download this data to the central database.

By sharing this data, health authorities will help identify other people who have been exposed to the "COVID-19" virus so that they can treat them more quickly and prevent them from infecting other people.

كيف يعمل تطبيق (Wiqaytna) لمكافحة انتشار فيروس كورونا

كيف يعمل تطبيق (Wiqaytna) لمكافحة انتشار فيروس كورونا

كيف يعمل تطبيق (Wiqaytna) لمكافحة انتشار فيروس كورونا

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