ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) - A comprehensive analysis

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) - A comprehensive analysis

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is a laptop that has managed to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. With its sleek design, remarkable features, and high performance, it's no wonder that this machine has been making waves in the market. In this in-depth review, we will explore the various aspects of the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) to see if it lives up to the hype.

A Brief Overview

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is a gaming laptop that sets itself apart from its competitors with its innovative design and top-of-the-line features. It is a laptop that doesn't compromise on performance, even while boasting a slim and lightweight form factor that is rare in the world of gaming laptops.

The Specifications

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) comes with a selection of impressive specifications. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS processor, has 1TB of PCIe 4.0 storage, and features a stunning 3K OLED Nebula HDR display. The configurations of the laptop also include 32GB of LPDDR5X-6400 memory.

However, one thing to note is that the memory on this laptop model is soldered, meaning it cannot be upgraded or replaced. This might be a drawback for those who prefer having the option to upgrade their machines in the future.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024)
Dimensions: 12.24 x 8.88 x 0.64 inches
Weight: 3.31 pounds
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS
Graphics: Nvidia RTX 4070 (90W TGP)
RAM: 32GB LPDDR5X-6400 (soldered)
Display: 120Hz, G-Sync, 3K (2,880 1,800) OLED
Storage: 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD
Touch: N/A
Ports: 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1x HDMI 2.1, 1x 3.5mm, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 1x USB 4 Type-C w/ 100W power delivery, 1x microSD card reader
Wireless: Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6E
Webcam: 1080p w/ Windows Hello
Operating system: Windows 11 Pro
Battery: 73WHrs
Price: $2,000
Where to buy: $2,000 from Best Buy


The Design

The ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) boasts a radical redesign compared to its predecessors. The laptop now features an all-new aluminum chassis, giving it a premium look and feel. This new design is not just about aesthetics, though. The aluminum body also helps the laptop achieve an impressively slim profile and lightweight build, making it one of the most portable gaming laptops on the market.

The new design also includes the removal of the signature bump seen on previous versions, opting for a more conventional clamshell design instead. The LED array which was also a feature of previous versions has been replaced with a diagonal line of lights.


Despite the slim design, the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) doesn't skimp on connectivity options. It comes with a full-size HDMI 2.1 port, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports, and two USB-C ports, one of which supports power delivery up to 100W. Additionally, the laptop also features a microSD card reader and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) retains the keyboard design of its predecessors, which is a good thing considering how well-received it was. The keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience, with keys that are snappy and have a decent amount of travel. The trackpad is also sizeable, providing ample space for navigation.


One of the standout features of the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is its 3K OLED display. The display offers a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 and a refresh rate of 120Hz, delivering crisp visuals and smooth gameplay. It also supports G-Sync and Adaptive Sync, ensuring a tear-free gaming experience.


The ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS processor, which delivers solid performance for both gaming and productivity tasks. However, when it comes to graphics, the laptop opts for a more conservative approach. Instead of going for the most powerful GPU available, ASUS has chosen to equip the laptop with an Nvidia RTX 4070, which runs at a TGP of 90W. This might seem like a step down from the more powerful GPUs seen in other gaming laptops, but it is a trade-off that allows the laptop to maintain its slim profile and lightweight build.

Gaming Performance

Despite the lower TGP of its GPU, the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) doesn't disappoint when it comes to gaming performance. It is capable of running most modern games smoothly, albeit at slightly lower settings compared to more powerful gaming laptops. However, for most gamers, the slight dip in performance will be a fair trade-off for the portability and sleek design that the laptop offers.

Battery Life

One area where the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) falls short is battery life. In normal use, the laptop can last around six hours on a single charge. While this isn't terrible, it is less than what you would expect from a non-gaming laptop in this price range. However, the inclusion of USB-C power delivery does help extend the laptop's battery life during long gaming sessions.


The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is a gaming laptop that dares to be different. It challenges the notion that gaming laptops have to be bulky and heavy, offering a sleek design and lightweight build that is rare in this category. While it does make some compromises in terms of performance and upgradeability, it more than makes up for it with its unique design, stunning display, and solid overall performance.


Is it the perfect laptop for everyone? Probably not. But for those who value portability and aesthetics just as much as performance, the ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) is a compelling option. It is a laptop that dares to be different, and in doing so, it manages to stand out in a crowded market.

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