What tasks does the Samsung ring perform? Its advantages

What tasks does the Samsung ring perform

What tasks does the Samsung ring perform?

The field of developing smart wearable devices is considered a promising field, especially those devices that are primarily developed for medical and sports monitoring purposes. Smartwatches are the most common type of smart wearable devices ever, and Samsung was one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and developing smartwatches, as it was credited in 1999 with providing the first smartwatch capable of making phone calls through a built-in speaker and microphone.

At that time, the Samsung watch created a huge breakthrough that reshaped the concept of smartwatches in the technology market around the world, and now it is once again approaching introducing a new type of smart wearable device after the company recently revealed its development of the Galaxy Ring smart ring. So what is a Samsung ring? When is it expected to be officially released on the market? What are the tasks it performs and the features announced so far? Let us answer all these questions and review the most important information available at the present time in the following lines.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring?

In January 2024, after the Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung revealed the imminent launch of a new product in the category of smart wearable devices, which is a smart electronic ring that can be worn around the finger. At the company's most recent event, which took place in February 2024, Samsung displayed the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy smart ring, which is expected to be produced on a large scale and launched in global markets before the end of 2024, specifically during the summer conference activities that the company holds annually in July to showcase... Its latest products.

The ring is scheduled to be available in three colors: black, silver, and gold, and in nine different sizes, with the capacity of the attached battery depending on the size of the ring. The smallest comes with a 14.5 mAh battery, while the largest has a 21.5 mAh battery.

The ring is characterized by a simple, elegant design that makes it resemble a traditional engagement ring. The Galaxy Ring is compatible with the Android operating system only, according to company officials, meaning that it will not be compatible with iPhones and other Apple devices like Samsung smartwatches, and most likely the control will be on the device. The Samsung SmartThings system, will support pairing the ring with Samsung smartwatches, and allow them to work together to provide more accurate health statistics.

The most important functions and features of the Samsung smart ring

The main functions that the Galaxy Ring can perform, which have been announced so far, focus on medical monitoring in particular, which includes monitoring, measuring, and uploading information related to general health, sleep, and physical fitness, such as measuring heart rate and oxygen level in the blood, measuring blood pressure, and monitoring blood pressure. Body temperature, counting the number of daily hours of sleep, and monitoring sleep patterns to monitor and detect symptoms of sleep apnea, in addition to an interactive cognitive alertness test.

The ring can also extract some information from these measurements to provide the user with a report on his physical and mental activity. The Booster Card can also provide the user throughout the day with a set of advice and observations that may explain to him things such as the reasons for his lower-than-average number of hours of sleep last night. Fashionable.


It is expected that the ring will also allow its users to set reminders about the dates of the medications they take, provide them with notes about their potential interactions with foods and other medications, and remember menstrual cycle dates for women. All of this will be done through the Samsung Health application, and the ring will also provide a group of additional services and features. Others, such as contactless payment features, and remote control of other smart devices.

Perhaps many of the functions of the Samsung Galaxy smart ring are similar to the current functions performed by Samsung smartwatches, but the most important factors for the superiority of the Samsung smart ring are its small size and not containing a screen, which makes it lighter, less annoying, and suitable for wearing, especially during sleep. In addition, the device's battery has a longer lifespan compared to the lifespan of smartwatches and bracelets.

What tasks does the Samsung ring perform? Its advantages

The Galaxy Ring is not the first smart wearable device that can provide the wearer with information about his physical health or allow him to conduct cognitive tests. Bison, a leading company in the field of developing neural sensors supported by artificial intelligence, has previously made it possible to conduct cognitive assessment tests using a bracelet. Bison Ready, a smart wearable on the wrist, was officially launched in January 2024.

There are also similar models on the market at the present time for smart rings designed for fitness purposes and measuring vital functions, the most famous of which are the Oura smart ring, which first appeared in 2015, and the Effie smart ring, which Movano announced in January 2024, which requires Samsung to provide features. Competitiveness in its product guarantees it the opportunity to survive and compete with current products. There are also reports circulating that Apple, Samsung's long-standing rival, is currently studying the possibility of developing its own version of smart rings, which makes Samsung's task more difficult.


There is no accurate information at the present time about the estimated cost of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Ring when it is put on the market, but compared to similar devices currently available in the market, which are supposed to be a strong competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Ring such as Oura and the Evi smart ring, it is expected that the price will range The Samsung smart ring costs between 260 and 450 US dollars at most, and it is still possible that Samsung will develop more features, functions and additional touches to provide its smart ring with them before its official launch.

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