Lenovo presents the world's first transparent laptop - Latest technology news

Lenovo presents the world's first transparent laptop

Lenovo Project Crystal


  • Lenovo has unveiled AI-powered laptops in the ThinkPad T and ThinkBook series, which feature the Copilot button that allows quick access to Microsoft's intelligent assistant.

  • The Chinese company Honor has launched its new Magic 6 Pro smartphone globally. The phone includes a new AI-powered eye-tracking feature, which enables users to unlock and control cars remotely by simply looking at the phone screen.

  • Sony has revealed that PlayStation Network now allows login without a password, using biometric authentication or a PIN.

  • Xiaomi launched the Smart Band 8 Pro fitness tracker globally for 75$, and the device has been available in the Chinese market since August 2023.

  • Leaks indicate that Apple is planning to redesign the operating system for the upcoming iPhone phones, known as iOS 18.

Lenovo presents the world's first transparent laptop

At the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, Lenovo surprised attendees by displaying the world's first transparent laptop. The computer features a MicroLED screen that can be seen from both sides.

The computer, called Lenovo Project Crystal, is a prototype developed by the company's ThinkPad division and is not intended for production or sale to consumers.

Lenovo said the Transparent PC is designed for scenarios where you need to share information without rotating the screen, such as in medical clinics, hotel front desks, meeting rooms, etc. The display can be easily mirrored across the operating system, allowing people on the other side to view the content.

The computer is powered by artificial intelligence and includes a Copilot button that provides instant access to Microsoft's intelligent assistant and supports wireless charging and biometric authentication. Lenovo did not reveal its specifications or price.


Latest technology news

Europe is the region most affected by cyber attacks in 2023

A new report prepared by the American company IBM revealed that Europe was the region most affected by cyber attacks in 2023, and Europe recorded 32% of attacks globally, exceeding the Asia-Pacific region, which was the most affected target in 2022.

North America rose to second place with 26% of all attacks, while the Asia-Pacific region fell to third place with 23%.

The report shows that cybercriminals have shifted their focus to different regions and sectors, exploiting vulnerabilities and opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation, and conflicts. The most common types of cyberattacks in 2023 were ransomware, phishing, and denial of service.

BYD unveils an electric car priced at 14,000$

BYD, the Chinese manufacturer of electric cars, has launched a new model of its Dolphin electric car, called Honor. The car features enhanced performance and an upscale design and comes for 13,900$.

The Dolphin electric car, which was launched in 2021, was very popular among consumers, especially in China, where it achieved distinguished sales numbers. The car is characterized by an elegant design, a spacious interior, a smart dashboard, and a set of advanced safety and entertainment features. It is also characterized by high efficiency and low maintenance costs...

The American spacecraft Odysseus lands with difficulty on the surface of the moon

The special vehicle Odysseus, developed by Intuitive Machines, landed on the surface of the moon, despite a defect that affected its landing system. The landing was not as smooth as expected, as the vehicle collided with one of its legs, flipped, and leaned on a rock.

The company confirmed that the vehicle is still operational and that engineers are trying to collect more data about its location and condition. The lander is equipped with a camera, laser, and spectrograph, and is supposed to conduct scientific experiments and explore the lunar terrain.

Odysseus is one of the first private landers to reach the Moon, as part of NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program, which aims to encourage commercial participation in lunar exploration. Intuitive Machines is one of several companies that have contracts with NASA to deliver payloads to the moon.

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