The most prominent companies that use big data technology

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The most prominent companies that use big data technology

Big data has played a vital role in all industries and has helped many small and large companies provide important information to develop strategies and make the right decisions.

Big Data technology has changed the face of many companies, as it helped them implement strategies, make decisions in a more in-depth manner, and reach their goals, and while the primary goal of most companies that use big data is to improve customer experience, other goals may include cost reduction. , target marketing, and making existing operations more efficient.

How big data technology helps companies grow?

Companies that use big data excel at sorting through the growing flow of data collected, and filtering relevant information to derive deeper insights through big data analytics, which helps target the right customers by providing them with personalized experiences, solving their problems, and offering products or services based on their needs.

In addition, big data plays a vital role in every company, whether it is a large or small company, such as healthcare companies, insurance companies, etc. Companies that adopt big data within their business model can generate actionable insights that create colossal ROI.

According to a report by market research firm MDF, the global big data market size is expected to reach $268 billion by 2026.

The most prominent companies that use big data technology

For any company, one of the most valuable assets is its customer base, because it is the customer who turns the company into a brand, and if the company fails to meet the expectations of its customers, this is likely to lead to its retreat from its competitors, therefore, the importance of big data technology comes in satisfying These customers and target potential customers. Among the most prominent companies that integrate big data into their business model are:

1. Amazon

For a company the size of Amazon, the amount of data collected is very large, and this makes big data technology play an important role in making it one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world, as the company benefits from analyzing the big data it collects in tracking inventory through manufacturers To ensure that orders are delivered quickly, by selecting the warehouse closest to the user, greatly reducing shipping expenses.

Additionally, Amazon makes use of big data via its recommendation engine. Every time a user searches for a specific product, this data helps the platform guess what else the user might be interested in, which in turn allows the company to display goods that a customer would find interesting. buy it.


2. Apple Inc

The company is considered one of the most famous technology companies in the world and has the most market value. It is famous for its constant use of various modern technological developments, including big data technology, which made it among the most successful technology companies in the world. Big data technology is the main driver in its business model and drives many of its decisions. , So we find that the company is far ahead of its competition, as the company not only has very popular products but is also designed to collect valuable data, which is why the company has easy access to important insights about consumer behavior and other important data.

For example, the company uses big data analytics to discover how people use its products in real life and changes future designs to suit customer preferences, and the Apple Watch is a good example of this, as the company uses the watch to collect a lot of data, to improve its customer experience or train its applications supported by artificial intelligence.

3. Google Inc

The company has developed several open-source tools and technologies that are widely used in the ecosystem of its business model, wherein its search service (its first and main product) uses various AI-powered big data tools to explore millions of websites and bring the correct answer or information to the user within parts. from the second.

4. Spotify Inc

The online music broadcasting company Spotify adopts many innovative big data technology tools to improve the way we listen and enjoy music, as it uses the data collected such as the time songs are played, and the type of device that is used, and analyzes it to gain insights to improve the experience of listeners, from By developing customized content and improving marketing through targeted advertising.

5. Starbucks Corporation

Starbucks is a global company famous for producing and serving coffee through branches spread around the world. Big data technology is a key factor in its success, by using the data collected to recommend items and modify menus according to customer preferences, in addition to creating more relevant marketing campaigns and promotions and choosing locations for branches new.

6. Netflix

The on-demand content broadcaster Netflix has millions of subscribers and it is very difficult to handle all the data that it collects manually, so it uses big data to collect user data and recommend content according to previous searches.

According to the company, most viewer activity is based on personalized suggestions, and it even collects many data points to build an accurate profile of its subscribers.

For example, its analytics tools take screenshots of the most viewed or possibly played viewers to learn personal preferences, and subsequently recommend similar content to them, and surprisingly, 80% of users watch content suggested by its recommendation system.

7. McDonald's

The fast-food delivery service has evolved into a more information-focused company, naturally driven by data-driven decisions. It uses big data to improve customer experience, by collecting data from various sources, including a mobile app for further recommendations and promotions.

Moreover, the company also uses artificial intelligence tools and big data analysis to create visualizations of the data collected, which gave the company a comprehensive view of customer preferences, as a result, it was able to achieve profits in 2019 that amounted to about $ 21 billion in sales, which is the highest The company has been growing for more than ten years.


8. Banks and financial markets

Most major banks, banking, and financial markets have deployed big data technologies for risk analysis, anti-money laundering, and fraud mitigation, for example, global stock exchanges are using big data, analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) technology to track and monitor illegal trading practices in the stock market and catch offenders.

9. Healthcare companies

Healthcare companies are investing heavily in advanced cloud technologies and big data to leverage analytics to improve medical services and customer satisfaction. Wearable tracking devices and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) are just small examples of the importance of big data in the healthcare industry. Important information such as whether patients are taking their medications and following the treatment plan correctly.

Moreover, data collected and aggregated over time provide clinicians with comprehensive information on patients' well-being and provide them with actionable insights, helping medical practitioners improve care and reduce waiting times.

10. Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies such as oil, gas, minerals, agriculture, etc., constantly produce a huge amount of data, and this data is not only in huge quantities, but it is complex and difficult to deal with, so we find these companies are investing heavily in big data analytics tools, predictive analyzes and adopting digitization to transform themselves into industries Data-driven decision making.

All kinds of valuable data, including geospatial data, text, graphical data, IoT data, and temporal data, are used, ingested, and combined by companies to produce useful information.

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In conclusion, big data technology is one of the most emerging technologies that have promising growth opportunities in the future, as about 64 zettabytes of data were created, consumed, and stored globally in 2020 only, and this number is expected to increase to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025, and this It is due to the steady growth in the development of IoT devices and their multiple applications, such as self-driving cars and smart cities.

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