How do call forwarding on Android and iPhone phones?

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Call forwarding on Android and iPhone phones?

The feature of diverting incoming calls from a specific phone number to another phone number is not considered a recent feature. It has been around for a long time and is very familiar. It is also available in various types of cellular phones, even the old ones. It mainly depends on whether the cellular carrier used provides it. or not.

The call transfer feature is of great importance in many cases, including, but not limited to, cases of travel outside the country. Call transfer may help to avoid the cost of activating roaming service on the phone, as well as when the user has more than one mobile phone number, such as a phone personal phone and a work phone, but does not want to carry more than one device with him at the same time and does not want to miss incoming calls to either number. In this case, he can activate the feature of diverting incoming calls to any of his other phone numbers and forwarding them to a specific number To be able to receive them on one phone without missing any call from it.

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The methods of activating the feature of diverting incoming calls to another number vary according to the type of phone, and the type of operating system used in the case of smartphones, and even for smartphones running the Android operating system, the methods of activating the service may differ due to its dependence to a large extent, as we mentioned, on the cellular carrier used as Depends on the type of phone call manager application used on the device. In this article, we review, in particular, ways to activate the call forwarding service to other numbers on Android phones as well as iPhones.

Call forwarding on Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy phones use the Samsung Phone application to receive and manage calls, and the call forwarding feature can be activated on different versions of Samsung Galaxy phones according to this application by opening the “Phone” application, then pressing the menu button (⁝) located on the left side in The upper part of the screen, then select “Settings”. On the next screen, click on the “Supplementary Services” option, then click on the “Call Forwarding” option.


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You can now select what suits you from among four options, namely “Always Forward”, in which case all incoming calls to the phone will be diverted to the alternate phone number that you will choose, or “When Busy”, in which case the calls will be diverted to The alternative number that you will specify only when the caller finds your current phone number busy, or "When Unanswered", and here calls will be diverted to the alternative number that you will specify only when calls are repeated from the same caller without you answering them. Finally, “When Unreached”, in which case calls will be diverted to the alternative number that you will specify only when the phone is switched off, out of coverage, or when the airplane mode is activated.

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After selecting any option, an empty field will appear in a pop-up window. In this field, you should write the alternative phone number you want to transfer calls to. You can also choose the number from the list of contacts registered to you on the phone. Then press the Turn On button to activate the feature.

You can also turn off call forwarding at any time by following the same previous steps with a slight change in the last step, which is that you will press the “Turn Off” button in the pop-up window below the alternate phone number field to turn off call forwarding.

Activate the call-forwarding feature on iPhone phones

If you are using an iPhone and need to divert incoming phone calls to another number, you can do so without the need to install third-party applications. All you have to do is open Settings, then scroll down and tap on the Phone app, then on the next screen tap on the “Call Forwarding” option and activate the feature (if supported on your SIM) to display the “Call Forwarding” option. Forward To, then press it to type the alternate phone number you want to forward calls to.

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After completion, press "Back" to save the number. You should then notice that a new icon appears in the status bar to confirm that call forwarding is on, knowing that the phone will forward all incoming calls under any circumstances.


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