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Malicious apps on your smartphone 

Despite the benefits of the smartphone and how it has changed our lives, this does not mean that it has not had nasty negative effects and its effects are disastrous! Many phone apps despite their apparent function, destroy your phone's battery, or exploit your data for other targets by spying on your privacy without even realizing it!

And when downloading an app, we seldom pay attention to certain points, such as the app developer, user opinions and ratings, or whether there are other similar apps in function and performance.

In this article, find out 4 malicious apps that you should remove immediately if installed on your phone, and the reason for that...

Malicious apps that you better remove from your smartphone

Tik Tok

The most popular app among teens allows the user to create short comedies and videos with lip sync and dances. The app is owned by ByteDance in Beijing, which blatantly violates privacy by spying on user data. Some reports point to the possibility of mining some users' data and presenting it to the Chinese government.

For this, if you use the application, you must be careful about the nature of the data requested by the application, and information such as device identifiers, right of access to memory, applications installed on your phone, your IP address, etc.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was released in 2009 by Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment. Despite a few complaints of notorious breaches that the game was stealing user data, no one paid attention to these complaints with the rise of the gaming star and his growing popularity.

But with the growing number of complaints, sources have revealed that user data is being shown to the US National Security Agency and its UK counterpart, government communications headquarters, and other high-level government agencies that were spying on users under the guise of gambling.

Government agencies have obtained sensitive user data;

as :

Phone numbers - call logs - location - political information and other information. Now the developers say it's safe to use the app after dealing with violations, but it might be better to reconsider downloading the app and killing some pigs!

IPVanish VPN

VPNs or virtual private networks have exploded in popularity over the past decade, but have been around since 1996. Their purpose is to hide your internet activity and provide online privacy and anonymity by creating a private internet from a public connection. VPNs hide your Internet Protocol (IP) location, making it nearly impossible to track you. You can even make it look like you're browsing from Slovakia when you're already in the US.

Ironically, the majority of VPN apps are insecure, including one of the most popular service providers, IPVanish VPN. In 2018, the IPVanish app was found to be logging customer data and submitting it to US authorities, according to a YouTube review by Lee TV, a tech review video blog.


The app helps you:

This means that the app constantly collects a lot of data about your location for comparison.

The application collects your location data,


information about your driving habits in terms of - distance - driving - speed - acceleration - braking and other driving habits.

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