Is long pressing the power button to shutdown the computer any dangerous?

The power button to shut down the computer

 The power button to shut down the computer

We sometimes make mistakes in the way we treat our personal devices, especially when we're in a hurry. We turn off the desktop computer, laptop, or tablet by pressing and holding the power button until the device is turned off. Some of us might even go so far as to completely remove the power cable from the power socket.

But did you know that in this way it is possible to damage any of the components of the device? If you are lucky, it is possible that the data of the Windows system will be damaged, and then of course you may lose much important information that was on the desktop and did not remember to keep it in A safe place before you cause Windows to crash. In this article, we will explain to you why holding the power button to turn off the computer is wrong and can have dire consequences.

Why is holding the power button wrong?

Let's answer this question very briefly. Yes, this process, which is known as "Hard Reboot" or "Force Shutdown" can "simply" damage your computer, and it can damage any of its components. Of course, when you "shut down" the computer normally, only then does the operating system warn all components to shutdown themselves slowly and correctly.

In other words, then all the components of the computer go through a different number of phases of operation in a matter of moments until the process of shutting down properly. But when you press and hold the power button, in this way you are sending a strong electric charge to all components of the computer, which can sometimes be very dangerous and may cause damage to any of the components, especially the hard disk.

If you are fortunate, the only one affected may be the operating system only “Windows” and this process may cause corruption and destruction of system configuration information and data, and eventually the operating system crash and not being able to run itself properly.

Therefore, it is better to shut down the device correctly through the shutdown options that the Windows system provides to you because in this way you require the system to initialize all the components of the computer and alert them to shutdown themselves slowly and go through the correct shutdown stages.

The power button to shut down the computer

As for the opposite, it can cause damage to any of the electrical circuits of the computer components, and then this circuit will stop receiving electric current, and this may cost you the loss of any of the computer components, but as we mentioned in the introduction, if you are lucky, at least it is possible to This method causes Windows system files to become corrupted and eventually crash.

There are many of us who rely on holding the power button in order to turn off the computer and have never encountered any problem before and have never damaged any of the hardware components or even the operating system, but why?

The answer to this question

is very simple but needs clarification. Currently, all power switches in desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even consoles have become called "soft switches" and in English "soft switches" and the purpose of using them is that they send a signal to smart electrical circuits in order to start the shutdown process properly It is true that the "operating" system is primarily responsible for its management and control.

With the advancement of technology and the interest of electronics engineers in smart power circuits, we are "already" able to turn off the computer through the power button naturally. But wait a bit, sometimes the shutdown process may not work properly, and the reason is that the operating system itself did not send the correct instructions and commands at the right time to the smart electrical circuits to shut down themselves properly. So it depends to a very large extent on the factor of "luck" and the extent of the configuration and willingness of the Windows system to carry out such an operation correctly. Sometimes the Windows system may not be ready to perform this process, and herein lies the danger.

What are the risks to the device as a result of this process?

If you have followed seriously everything we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, then you have already become aware of the risks that the shutdown process can cause by pressing and holding the power button. For example, all modern smart devices need to pass through a set of stages during the shutdown process so as not to cause damage to any of the device's components, and the main controller of it is the operating system.

Of course, the Windows system relies on random access memory “RAM” in order to store information and data temporarily, and it is the responsibility of the operating system to take care of this process. But if you turn off the power and cut off the power supply to the device suddenly, the operating system may not be able to properly store the information and data you were working on. Thus, it may cause this data to be corrupted as a result of not completing the process of saving and storing it normally, and in the worst case, it may cause the data and configuration information of the operating system itself to be corrupted.

In the end, do not try to rely on the forced shutdown process only when necessary, instead, you can rely on the “Sleep” feature if your device has it, this process is much better than turning off the computer via the power button, which allows you to restart the computer And complete your actions normally by clicking any key of your computer keyboard.

When you are surprised that the computer or device you are using stops responding completely to any command you ask of it. 

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