6 best and most powerful Linux distributions | support 32-bit architecture

Best Linux distributions that support 32-bit

Best Linux distributions that support 32-bit

When downloading Linux distributions, users often find that these distributions only support 64-bit computers and that there is no 32-bit version of these distributions, which discourages some device users from... It contains the best Linux distributions that support 32-bit architecture, so you can easily download them and install them on your old computer.

Debian distribution

It is one of the Gnu / Linux distributions, the most famous of which is the famous Ubuntu distribution, and the Debian distribution still supports the 32-bit architecture to this day, you can either get your ISO file from the distribution's official website at 64. or 32-bit architecture until the latest version of the Number 10 distribution supports the old architecture with the LTS version, so you can install it on any 32-bit device with support and updates through 2024. The distribution builds on the beautiful GNOME interface as a desktop environment, and it also comes standard with a lot of free software the distribution.

MX Linux distribution

MX Linux is also one of the beautiful and simple distributions that we've talked about many times. It doesn't require high spec computers and is still rated as one of the best Linux distributions in general. The distribution is mainly based on the Debian distribution and when you install it you can choose from several desktop interfaces like KDE, and XFCE. choose or Fluxbox does the distribution support the 32-bit architecture up to version The latest version is version MX-19.2.

Slax distribution

This is also a Debian-based distribution, but its usage is slightly different as it is considered a portable Linux distribution intended for new users of the Linux system so that they can use the system before they even reach it, install and use it as a system base. Bit up to the latest version of it which is number 9.11 and you can download the distro and burn it to a flash drive and boot directly from it without installing it and you find that it is a very lightweight distro and a very nice interface that is Fluxbox.

AntiX Linux distribution 

It's one of the lightest Linux distributions and is aimed primarily at beginners. A computer with large capacities is also not required, as only about 256 MB is sufficient as minimum memory or RAM capacity so that the distribution runs smoothly on your device. The distribution supports 32-bit architectures up to the version. The latest version is version 19.3 and also includes KDE as the default desktop environment.

Ubuntu Mate distribution

One of the wonderful distributions, easy to use, and suitable for low-capacity devices. For example, the distribution can run smoothly with 1 GB of memory or RAM, and you can download the long-term support version from the number 18.04 distribution with 32-bit architecture, which is the version that will provide support until April 2021, the distribution is derived from the famous Ubuntu distribution depends on its MATE interface as the default interface for the desktop.

Xubuntu distribution

A canonical distribution based on the XFCE interface as the standard interface for the desktop environment and named after this name as a combination of the Ubuntu name and the letter X of the target name of the distribution, namely the latest version of the distribution no 32- Bit version, you can download the long support version.

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