Hotmail designer story that dazzled science

Hotmail designer story that dazzled science

Hotmail designer story that dazzled science

How to invent Hotmail:

Hotmail is a service that is present on all devices using the Windows operating system, be it a computer, laptop, or even Nokia Lumia devices.

But have we wondered who invented this unique mail, used by more than 100 million users.

In my opinion, the story of designer Hotmail is one of the most important stories to follow, as he was neither American nor European but rather an Indian Muslim and he struggled until he reached what 'he wanted.

He is the Indian Muslim saber Bhatia

In 1988, Saber came to America to study at Stanford University, and he graduated with honors, which allowed him to work for an Internet company as a programmer, and there he met a young man who graduated from the same university called: Jack Smith. They had a lot of discussions about how their company was created to catch up with the internet, and those discussions took place in the closed circle of the company they work in, and when their immediate supervisor found out, he warned them not to use the services of the company in their private discussions.

By creating a program that provides each person with their private mail, he secretly invented hot mail and sent it to the masses in 1996, and quickly spread the program among Internet users as it provided them with four features. 

The functionalities are as follows:

  • This email is free
  • Individually
  • Secret
  • It can be used anywhere in the world.

When the number of subscribers surpassed the first ten million in the first year, it began to arouse the zeal of Bill Gates, president of Microsoft Corporation and the richest man in the world. So Microsoft decided to buy hot mail and integrate it into the Windows operating environment. He is offering $ 500 million, and after grueling negotiations that lasted until 1998, Saber agreed to sell the program for $ 400 million, on the condition that he be named an expert at Microsoft Corporation. Today, hot mail users have reached 90 million people and nearly 3,000 users worldwide per day.

Hotmail customer service

As for Saber, he hasn't stopped working as a programmer, but one of his latest innovations is a program called (Arzu) which provides a safe environment for online shoppers.

What further strengthens Saber's personality is that once he received his wealth, he built many institutes in his country and helped many underprivileged students complete their studies (even it is said that his wealth rapidly declined to 100 million)

Hotmail app

Saber is a distinguished success story that deserves to be studied, praised, and influenced, as he is a very good role model for his country.

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