The best types of surveillance cameras are unparalleled

The best types of surveillance cameras

The best types of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are one of the most popular technologies today, as they have great advantages in detecting crimes and controlling violations, which are used in particular by government agencies, different companies, shops, and even personal homes. Security cameras have different types and capabilities, so let's review them here below.

What are the types of surveillance cameras :

Bullet Cameras :

This camera comes in a long cylindrical shape similar to a bullet, and it extends in a steady direction. The hidden and its cylindrical shape and its fixed way of the display make it targeted on some sites only, which requires several cameras to cover the place to be monitored.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Dome Cameras :

These types of surveillance cameras are similar in many of their advantages to the previous type, but they include other new features as they are more secret, the possibility of tampering and sabotaging them is less, as well as they can include a wider viewing angle, and can also be installed inside and outside the house in addition to the walls and ceilings, Some types have night vision, heat, and movement sensing.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Smart, Voice Integrated Cameras :

By using this type of camera, voice commands can be adapted to control and monitor without the need for manual handling, and can also be combined with existing smart home devices, thus this type of camera provides more flexibility and ease of use.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Wireless Technology Cameras :

It is a preferred type for many, as it does not need wire lines to connect it to computers, thus facilitating its placement in many places. Wireless versions can be found for all types of internal and external security cameras as well as fixed and that have motion sensors and others.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Box Cameras :

They are square-shaped cameras and a lens separated from the main camera body, where it is possible to choose the type of lens to be used, but it needs some experience to make adjustments to it and is usually used in locations that require advanced features to control the lens, as its lens can be adjusted to ensure better angles Vision which makes it multi-faceted cameras.

The best types of surveillance cameras

PTZ Cameras :

Its name comes as an abbreviation for PAN TILT ZOOM, meaning that the camera is able to rotate, tilt and zoom, and it is possible to use several methods to send commands to it and control its movement as it can be controlled via a computer, mobile phone or via the recording device.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Day / Night Cameras :

It was named after its ability to work during the day using daylight as well as work at night with LEDs to illuminate the area to be monitored. It can also be designed for night vision by using infrared lights to see what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Thermal Cameras :

These types of surveillance cameras are expensive models and they are not public but are used in private installations, and they depend on the production of images on thermal radiation, so it is difficult to hide from view, as the image appears in multiple colors according to the target temperature, and this type is often used in military operations and to throw Fugitives arrested at night.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Indoor Camera :

It is said that it is an internal camera in the sense that it works inside the buildings and it is an internal surveillance camera that is installed in the interior places such as inside the house, inside the factory, inside the company where these cameras cannot be installed in places exposed to the sun where the lens does not see in the sunlight and if exposed to the sun you see a picture Absolutely white and can not be exposed to dirt and climatic climates, as it does not tolerate water and those cameras are plastic.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Outdoor Camera :

External surveillance cameras are one of the finest types that are used in external monitoring. The degree of tolerance is very high. They bear the heat, sun, dust, storms, rain, and gases. The loading degree reaches 66 degrees, or the unit can withstand heat up to 60 ° C in the summer and endures the cold to 0 ° C. Monitoring to know the degree of tolerance There is a degree of tolerance called IP 67 - (internal surveillance cameras - external surveillance cameras)

The best types of surveillance cameras

The benefits of surveillance cameras :

After identifying the best types of surveillance cameras, we will talk about the benefits of these cameras, as surveillance cameras help provide many benefits that help to monitor buildings, private properties, and many others. In what follows, some of the benefits of surveillance cameras will be mentioned :

  • Surveillance cameras help solve crimes.
  • They are used in law enforcement by using surveillance cameras attached to the chest or head of police officers.
  • Surveillance cameras are used to monitor vehicle traffic.
  • Surveillance cameras help increase safety and security on public transport.
  • Help view remote details of various sports competitions.
  • Surveillance cameras are used to monitor employees within their workplaces.
  • Surveillance cameras are used to monitor students and teachers inside schools.
  • Surveillance cameras help provide protection and safety for private homes.

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