Protéger des postes de travail Windows 7

Protéger des postes de travail Windows 7

Protéger des postes de travail Windows 7

The Action Center monitors several items related to the security and maintenance of your computer.

When a problem is detected on one of the monitored items, the Action Center alerts you by displaying a message in the notification area of ​​your taskbar.

Problems detected are also highlighted on the main page of the Maintenance Center.

Configuration of the Maintenance Center parameters:

To access the Maintenance Center

Click the "Start" button and open the ==> Control Panel. In the window that appears, click on ==> System and security then ==> Maintenance center.

The monitored items are grouped into two categories:


In order to view the items monitored by the Maintenance Center, you can expand the category. When a problem is detected, Windows displays a message in the notification area.

Security element monitoring:

The maintenance center will monitor

the state of the firewall
security updates (Windows Update)
antivirus protection status
anti-spyware protection (Windows Defender)
internet security settings
User Account control
network access protection

User account control (1):

It is a Windows function used to launch applications with limited rights (independent of those of the user account in use)?

When an application requires administrative rights, Windows will warn you and ask you for the authorization to raise the rights.

The settings for this user account control (UAC) can be changed. Click on Change settings to access the different choices offered.

User account control parameters are also accessible directly from the left menu and even direct access from the System and Security category.

User account control (2):

The default setting is:

Do not warn me when I change Windows settings.

The other notification levels offered are:

Always notify me when:

There are programs trying to install software or make changes to my computer.
I modify Windows settings.

Do not warn me when I change Windows settings.
Never notify me when:
There are programs trying to install software or make changes to my computer.
I modify Windows settings.

The Maintenance category (1):

Like the Security category, the Maintenance category can be expanded to display the different parameters monitored by Windows.

From the window, you can change the way Windows will try to find a solution when a problem is encountered, activate the messages relating to backups and update searches

The Maintenance category (2):

The available parameters are:

Computer maintenance:

- Activated (recommended);

- Disabled.

Other parameters:

- Allow the search for problem-solving programs on the Windows online problem-solving service;

Allow problem-solving immediately upon startup.

Modify the parameters of the maintenance center:

You have the option of defining the elements that will be monitored by the Maintenance Center.
On the left side of the Action Center, click Change Action Center Settings.

Windows Firewall configuration:

What is a firewall?

Windows Firewall is a program that will check information from a network (local, internet, etc.), and allow or deny access to your computer.

Authorizations or prohibitions will be based on the parameters you have defined.

Configuration of basic firewall settings:

Access the control panel
Click on the Windows firewall section: The firewall home page opens.
The main page allows you to view the status of the Windows firewall and thus verify that it is active on the various existing network profiles. Indeed, the Windows 7 firewall manages the connection rules by distinguishing two network profiles:

Home or business networks (private): this is usually your local network for which you may need to have incoming connections allowed (file sharing, printers, etc.).
Public networks: these are unsafe network connections (cybercafé, open Wi-Fi access point, etc.).
Windows Firewall settings with advanced security features:

Windows Firewall with advanced security features supports more detailed rules than earlier versions of Windows Firewall, including filtering based on:

  • Users and groups
  • Source and destination IP addresses
  • IP port number
  • ICMP settings
  • IPsec settings
  • Services

The advanced firewall allows you to filter the incoming and outgoing connections of a host according to its configuration

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