The story of Facebook, the giant of social networking sites, and its deal with Instagram

 The giant of social networking sites

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The Facebook designer:

Facebook is the giant of social networking sites and I think many of us have heard the name of Mark Zuckerberg this young man who was able to design this giant site and who was still a student at Harvard University who came out of his graduation years. walls of many incredible technical inventions and Facebook is one of the success stories that have unfolded within its walls.

Zuckerberg saw rapid success in no time, and Jokerberg launched his "Facebook" website in 2004, and he had what he wanted. Soon the site was very popular with the students of Harvard University, and it gained great popularity among them, which encouraged it to broaden the base of those who are allowed to enter the site. to include other university students or high school students seeking to learn about university life.

And Facebook continued to be limited to college and high school students for two years. Jokerberg then decided to take a new step, which is to open the doors of its site to all who wish to use it, and the result was an increase in the number of users of the site, from 12 million users in December 2006.

In 2008, he offered him to sell Facebook for a billion dollars, but he dismissed the idea amid the perplexity of the media to dismiss a young adult man for such a sum, but he justified his position that Facebook may, with a little development, become the first communications site in the world, which currently validates a destination in Mark's Point of View.

And now, Facebook is the second largest site in the world after Google in terms of daily visits by Internet users, and Facebook is the best company in the world in terms of creating a suitable work atmosphere for its employees. The company Facebook has also bought one of the best means of communication currently, which is WhatsApp Owner of more than 19 billion dollars, it is the biggest contract

The story to buy social media and all this success wouldn't have been possible without the idea of ​​this ambitious young man.

Who is the inventor of the Instagram app!

Quickly entered the hearts of social media enthusiasts with his unique idea.

Developer Kevin Systrum:

He was born on December 30, 1983. Kevin Systrum was unaware that his penchant for electronic programming, which had continued with him since his childhood, would make his name a difficult number in the world of social networking applications, the Facebook giant that gave him bought Instagram for a billion dollars.

Since he was in school he had a passion for computers, and he often built files that run on PHP and MySQL, but he didn't do anything more daring. He loved photography and had a passion for capturing the most beautiful memories, but he decided that he would not go into this field, but study computer science. Despite his job, he loved photography, and he often took pictures and worked on them in his private bedroom.

Systrom considers his real business to be based on Nextstop because he has managed to grow further. After that he became a marketing employee at Google, spending his spare time developing an app that combines Foursquare features with Mafia Wars elements to share with his friends until he met investors from Baseline. Adventures and Horowitz Andreessen.

It was agreed to start a serious project focused on one side of the technology, and the images were chosen. Instagram's mother was Systrum who became its CEO and the number of employees exceeded 150 million.

It is reported that "Systrom" made $ 400 million from the deal with Facebook.