The best ways to speed up your computer

The best ways to speed up your computer

The best ways to speed up your computer

Computer storage space is filled with trivial and important files at the same time, applications doubling in size and slow performance. However, you do not have to accept this slow performance, so how do you improve your computer's speed?

It is not really possible to identify all the causes of a slow computer, the usage varies from person to person, but there are some common problems.

If certain parts of your computer are out of date, you can save and allocate some money to upgrade these components, like RAM and hard disk.

But in this guide, we will focus on software modifications that can be implemented to speed up the device, according to what Gizmodo mentioned.

Free up storage space

Computers don't like to squeeze their storage space; As files and folders are divided, it adds more incompetence to daily tasks; This leads to problems in updating the system, and causing it to crash.

Microsoft or Apple haven't mentioned before, how much free space should be left on a disk, but 15% of the total space is ok.
best way to speed up your computer for free
Freeing up storage space is a very easy process thanks to the huge boom in cloud storage services and their integration with operating systems. Dropbox and Google Drive services will store your files until you need them, as well as tools built into operating systems such as iCloud (on Mac) and OneDrive (on Windows).

On Macs :

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Then choose About Mac
  • Then storage
  • Then the administration

You will see some recommendations to free up storage space, among them iCloud storage (to automatically keep some of your old files in this cloud storage so you need to burn them to disk again)
Reduce Clutter, which shows you the largest files on your system and allows you to delete them if necessary.

In Windows :

  • If you open OneDrive from the notifications screen, choose More,
  • Then in the settings bar, you can check to save space and download files when you use them to keep files mainly in cloud storage so you need to copy them to disk storage.

Windows and Mac devices allow you to manually browse your files and folders to get rid of what you don't need.

Delete programs that you do not use

Installing different programs may seem a bit routine, but getting rid of files that you do not need saves space on a computer that allows more freedom for Windows and Mac operating systems, reduces the number of programs running in the background, and improves the system protection as well.
best ways to speed up your computer
Less software means fewer possible paths to the operating system. Keep the list of installed programs as minimal as possible. For the smooth and smooth operation of the operating system.
what is the best way to speed up your computer?
The process is simpler on Windows devices, and it gets easier with every update. 
best way to speed up your computer
  • Open the Windows Settings bar 
  • Then select Applications 
  • Then Applications and Features to see everything installed on the device.
top 10 ways to speed up your computer
Using the drop-down menus at the top, you can arrange the list by size or date to find the oldest or oldest apps. 
  • Click on any application in the list, then choose Uninstall to delete the application.
best way to speed up a computer
But more complicated on a Mac :
best ways to speed up computer

You can open applications in the search bar to access installed programs, and if they are in a folder the folder may have its own uninstaller. And if there is no uninstaller, you can drag the app icon or entire folder (if the app has a folder) to the Trash.
what is the best way to speed up a computer?
If you install something from the Apple Store, you can delete it via the LaunchPad app site.

Long click on the program shortcut you want to delete, then click the X when it appears. For an easier way, you can download the free AppCleaner app to get the job done.

Stop running programs when the device is turned on

Many programs will try to load themselves onto the device's memory when running Windows or Mac, in order to be ready to work faster when you need them or keep your files in automatic sync mode, protect your network, or other reasons. In fact, many of these programs will need to be kept running in the background all the time.
simple ways to speed up your computer
However, as more programs are added to this list, the operation of the device may become a major burden on the resources of the device.

So, it is always a good idea to check this list and check the programs you really want to work on every time the device is turned on.

On Windows devices, you can look at the icons in the notification bar. Most icons will allow you to disable autorun for them.

To see more applications and processes in the background :

You can right-click on the taskbar, then choose Task Manager, then Run (and click Disable where you want it). You can also go to Windows Settings, choose Privacy, then Background Applications (and choose to stop any of the applications in the background as needed).

If you're using a Mac, look in the menu bar for existing programs, and choose to disable the programs you don't need (and you can always run them manually when you need them).

Cleaning applications 

Sometimes software add-ons slow down your computer. The most prominent example of this is Internet browsers; It becomes loaded with many plug-ins that affect the browsing speed and the time pages take to download.

Many other applications and programs on your device may suffer from the same thing.

To improve the performance of Internet browsers, in particular, you can enter the list of plugins (more tools than plugins), and disable plugins that you don't normally use.

For best results, you can uninstall any plugins that you don't need, and just don't uninstall them.

Firefox browser offers a special button for that, returns everything to the initial settings, and erases any corrupt data or poorly configured settings. 

From the browser menu :

Click Help, then Troubleshoot information, then click Activate Firefox to return to its initial state, while maintaining bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history.

The method may vary from program to program, but there are many ways in which different applications can be cleaned, either by clearing the archives or eliminating plug-ins.

Reinstall the operating system

To get the best possible speed optimization for your device, you can choose to start over with a fresh copy of Windows or Mac OS; This option implements all of the above tips in one process.

Reinstalling the operating system, Windows or Mac, is easier than it used to be, with the ability to store and store many files and programs now in cloud storage.

It is easier for Windows :

From settings, go to update and protection, then restore, then start.

For better results, you can choose to delete everything, including installed programs and your personal files (first make sure to back them up).

With regard to the Mac OS :

You can restart the Mac system while pressing Cmd + R while restarting the device to enter the Mac restore screen.

From there, you can choose to reinstall the Mac OS and choose to wipe the hard drive before putting everything back in place. Once again, be sure to backup everything.

If your computer stays sluggish after reinstalling the operating system, it may be time to consider changing it or at least upgrade some major components.

Even with the best tips and ideas applied to combat slow devices, he will eventually get aging and no trick will work for him.

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