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Joyeux anniversaire Noujoud nous te souhaitons un arc-en-ciel de joies et un bonheur ensoleillé

Le meilleur anniversaire de Nojoud

May this anniversary be the best you've ever had ... but watch for the video ... !! Happy birthday Noujoud

Little Princess. You will surely never remember the flavor of your first birthday cake ... but you will always be able to feel the love and tenderness of your parents who cooked it with great affection. Happy 1st birthday 💓

Happy birthday Noujoud to the little girl with the most devastating smile in the region!

  • My treasure "Noujoud", I'm not by your side to wish you a happy birthday, so I'm sending you this little card that your papa Mohamed or your mom Jamila will read to you. I am very proud of the progress that your parents told me about. One year, you are great! I kiss you very much and wish you to be very spoiled on this special day. I enclose with this card a small gift to tell you all my love  🎁

  • Little treasure "Noujoud", the day of your birth remains for me a wonderful memory. I was so happy after watching you grow up. Now you have taken another step! You make us all very proud of your progress and your kindness. Big kisses and happy birthday.

  • This year again, I feel that you will surprise us. You grow so fast! Here you go for a year of discovery and joy. I kiss you very much and wish you a happy birthday.

  • Here you are with one more year and you continue to become wiser, funnier smarter, and always more amazing! Happy Birthday Noujoud

Birthday candles are a metaphor for life. Life is short but bright, like them! It is therefore advisable to live your life to the full and take advantage of every moment! I wish you a beautiful radiant birthday.

  • In everyday life, it is not easy to remind someone of how important it is in our life. Your birthday is an opportunity to seize to tell you that you are a person dear to my heart! Happy Birthday Noujoud  


  • I wish the most amazing and warm birthday to the most amazing person I know. You can light up a room with just your smile. Happy birthday Noujoud ... and I wish you all the best that goes with it!

  • Happy Birthday Noujoud, May this day be filled with a rainbow of joy sunny happiness, and rain of laughter. The good weather is there, right in front of you, in the candles of your birthday cake!


❤ Today I want to wish you a happy birthday, great moments, many nice and lovely gifts, sincere compliments, loyal friends and incredible happiness in life ❤

🎀 Happy birthday Noujoud with all my heart! Today, I wish you great happiness, much joy, an ocean of love and tenderness 🎀

❤ I send you my wishes for your birthday with the desire to see you always in good health and full of happiness, for this day and the following ❤

Regardez ici une jolie vidéo de Noujoud 👇





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